At Monkey Paks™, we make military style tactical backpacks and gear for monkeys around the world. Who are they? Everyday heroes in service, weekend warriors, survivalists, and epic adventurers.



We use the term “monkeys” affectionately. When one of Monkey Paks™ founders, Shawn LeBaron, was in the service, his drill instructor called the soldiers “monkeys.” He would say, “You monkeys do this, you monkeys do that.” Even the manuals that trained the soldiers to work on aircraft were called “Monkey Manuals” because they were written so “any monkey could do it.”


When it was time to name the company that would make these soldier-worthy backpacks, he tapped the term that had meant so much to him and called it Monkey Paks™.



You want your gear to be as tough and reliable as you are, and ours is. Our 1 year warranty and “Love It” guarantee outperforms any other and our customers rave about the quick, personal attention they receive, usually from Shawn himself, when something slips past our obsessive inspection team.

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